CRM isn’t just for companies and their sales teams – it’s for managing data. We can make it work in ways you never thought possible, including making it work for the public sector.

The public sector, including any city, county, and any other local government entities, aren’t selling a product per-say, but there are processes and systems that can be made superbly efficient with the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

With an implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we can help you replace outdated or manual systems and processes by creating a shared environment that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

By modernizing the way your local office does things, you can increase speed, flexibility, and productivity.

We love Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its XRM capabilities. An XRM solution manages more than just relationships with clients; it can manage employees, processes, partners, assets, suppliers and just about anything else a company wants to keep track of in a database. It’s kind of like Play-Doh because of its flexibility to meet practically every business need.

How can a government agency use CRM?


We realize that more and more is expected out of the public sector, even as resources and budgets become smaller and more scarce.

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments help you streamline and optimize processes, workflows, and procedures through cloud software. We don’t just install the software and leave you with it, we set it up to your exact specifications, and then teach you and your employees how to use it.

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When we help you with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment, we help you attain three key objectives:

  • Productivity
  • Citizen Value
  • Cost Management

We work with you on a case-to-case basis to learn your specific processes and procedures. We work to integrate with systems you can’t live without, and to replicate processes and import data from systems you’re ready to say goodbye to.

By modernizing the way you do things, you gain access to business intelligence used in the private sector including data access, analysis, and reporting. You also give access to your systems to remote workers on iPads, tablets, and other mobile devices. The power of anywhere, anytime gives your employees the tools they need to succeed.

Benefits of CRM for Government

Dynamics CRM for Government Operations

  • Keep citizens happy
  • Increase job satisfaction internally
  • Save time and money with automation
  • Easy communication and collaboration
  • Secure Data & Digital Records Compliance
  • Get rid of outdated software and paper processes
  • Modernize licensing, permitting, code enforcement, and zoning
  • Easily share valuable information with community members

Dynamics CRM for Health & Human Services

  • Consolidate cases into a single platform
  • Merge data with call centers, hotlines, and help centers to assist with case management and law enforcement
  • Easily collect necessary information and ensure it’s up-to-date as it goes through processes
  • Eliminate human-error from manual processes or escalations

Dynamics CRM for Justice & Public Safety

  • Avoid data duplication
  • Gain visibility between departments with shared case management
  • Streamline processes and case management
  • Ensure time-sensitive notifications are distributed and received
  • Help staff make informed decisions regarding placement, rehabilitation and release of offenders
  • Avoid missing data
  • Help reduce paperwork and red-tape

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