You already have a gold mine of data. Now you just need to get it into the right tool. Allow us to step in. We’re master detectives when it comes to finding, capturing and collecting all the data you need from various systems – electronic or otherwise.

Our data integration and data migration services will put the data you need in the places you want to access it from.

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Our integration tool of choice is Scribe.

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Data Integration Services

Your CRM is the place where your data should be consolidated from multiple systems. We can:

  • Integrate websites with CRM, ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft GP/NAV/SL, etc.) with CRM
  • Integrate Operational software with CRM
  • SharePoint with CRM
  • Outlook with CRM
  • Power BI with CRM

One-way or two-way integration? We can make sure data flows one-way from ERP to CRM or that data flows two-ways between ERP to CRM. Two-way data integration can be powerful and effective.

Data Migration Services

Think your data is locked away on old platforms? Think again. We’re able to migrate your data away from your current CRM platforms to your shiny, new Dynamics CRM.

We can also combine data, and clean it up so you and your team can dive right in.

  • Combine Data
  • Aggregate Data
  • Data Cleanup
  • Data Mapping
  • And more!

Benefits of Data & Integration Services

Capture Hard to Find Data

Increase Efficiency

Combine Data from Multiple Systems

Improve Communication & Information Sharing

Ditch Spreadsheets & Emails

Eliminate Manual Processes

Our Data Integration & Migration Services

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